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COVID-2019: An unprecedented crisis

By Justin Ng
Find out more about the COVID-2019 pandemic that has caused widespread disruption to individuals, societies and nations.

The Politics of Pandemics

By Justin Ng
The pandemic has stirred up the political conflicts of the US- China and brought the international conflicts to another level. Can we bring back our peace and stability?

Can our healthcare system beat the pandemics?

By Simon Ng
Find out more about how the entire healthcare industry is affected by the COVID19 pandemic.

Our social lives amidst the pandemic

By Simon Ng
Find out more about how the social lives of different groups of people in society have changed during the COVID19 pandemic.

How are individuals affected by the pandemic?

By Simon Ng
Find out more about the various ways which individuals in society are affected by the COVID19 pandemic.

What are the problems that primary students face when learning English online?

By Simon Ng
There are a plethora of benefits to online learning such as being able to learn anytime and anywhere, customisation of learning and cultivating independence. However, primary school students might not be able to enjoy these benefits due to certain problems. It is important that we identify these problems so that we can come up with solutions to tackle them.

How to improve your English language proficiency through online tuition?

By Simon Ng
Online english tuition can improve one’s English language proficiency, ensuring that they can excel for their GCE ‘O’ and ‘N’ level examinations. Online learning systems which boost many useful functions are used in teaching. Here are how some of the features can help students to excel in learning English.

How to study General Paper through online tuition?

By Simon Ng
Students have only two years of JC education to prepare for their A level exam, and subjects such as General Paper must be practised consistently to attain a good grasp of the concepts. Any disruption of the students’ learning routines will be detrimental to their progress and learning. Since the virtual world is accessible to all, online tution will become an important resource in ensuring that the journey of knowledge accumulation and skills acquisition carries on. The features in the online system have been carefully crafted to ensure that students will be well prepared to tackle the A level General Paper exam.

What are the pros and cons of studying English through online tuition?

By Simon Ng
Online learning has become an integral component in our education process. The online learning of English comes with various pros and cons.

How to improve English through online tuition?

By Simon Ng
Students may face problems such as not being able to cope with the workload, not being able to keep up with class and not having sufficient practice for English. Hence, we have a few useful tips for students which they can adopt and practice to overcome the problems in studying English.

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