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Grasping the language progressively

Congratulations on taking the first step to learn the English language. At English Tuition Online, we have a wide range of resources and programmes to support your efforts to comprehend and apply your newfound knowledge meaningfully.

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How do we empower you to learn English?

Benefits of our online learning platform.

In order to fulfil your learning objectives, we have developed an integrated programme that will organise your study methods, broaden the scope of learning and finetune your application skills. Over time, you will become more confident and proficient in the English language.

Organise study methods

Not sure where to start? Don’t fret. We have all the resources that you need to kickstart your educational journey, ranging from informative articles to regular study programmes to streamline and chart your study progress systematically

Broaden scope of Learning

As educators that constantly strive to improve teaching approaches, it is our firm belief that students should look beyond the conventional means of attending physical classes and exploring online means to learn effectively.

Fineture application skills

Ultimately, the aim of becoming proficient in the English language is achieved through timely assessments. As such, our programmes include a vast archive of practices to review your level of understanding.

What we offer?

Exciting features for curious learners.

English Tuition Online showcases a series of educational webinars, thought-provoking classes and insightful articles to create a wholesome learning experience. Furthermore, our programmes are suitable for students at the primary, secondary and pre-tertiary levels.

Educational webinars

Sign up to watch these webinars conducted by educators who will explore a variety of topics, such as the challenges that students may face at school and useful tips to perform well at major examinations.

Thought-provoking classes

If you are searching for an appropriate learning programme, look no further. We offer both classroom teaching and eLearning lessons to match your study preferences.

Insightful articles

Get first-hand information on trending topics relating to the education scene. Our articles will keep you informed on important matters so that you and your child are more prepared for the challenges ahead.

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