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Explore. Reflect. Write.

Enroll in the GP Tuition Online programme to begin your child’s preparation for the GCE A Level General Paper examination. With our integrated and exam-driven eLearning system, we nurture JC students to think reflectively and write coherently.

Class Schedule

Available time-slots for JC GP Tuition

Refer to the schedule listed below to find out more about the online classes for JC1 and JC2 students. Our educators conduct regular programmes to build up your child’s competency in reading and writing based on the latest syllabus requirements.

JC1 GP Tuition

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JC2 GP Tuition

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Features of the GP Tuition Online

An organised and comprehensive way to learn.

We have three distinctive features to captivate, motivate and engage students to grasp the fundamentals of General Paper. Our programme has been carefully reviewed and refined by experienced educators to create the best possible learning experience for each student.

Explore thematic issues at the GP Learning Studio

Deepen your knowledge of different issues, like the value of international cooperation and the dangers of social media, through engaging real-time discussions in the virtual classroom.

Refine your writing skills at the GP Practice Lab

Be involved in this application-oriented study approach by trying out Comprehension and Essay questions. Your answer submissions will be marked and reviewed by educators to identify areas of improvement.

Enrich your learning with our digital GP Study Magazine

Browse our diverse catalogue of thematic issues to improve your understanding of real-world issues, like the relevance of travel and the challenges of environmental sustainability.

Unlock your child’s fullest potential.

Sign up for the GP Tuition Online programme to find out how.