Learning Resources

Study English effectively

In addition to the webinars and tuition programmes, we also welcome students and parents to browse this resource page to access resources for English studies.

Learning Videos

Educational and visually-illustrative.

Watch these insightful videos that explain important areas of study for English at the primary, secondary and pre-tertiary levels. As educators, we believe that students should adopt a diversified way to explore the subjects so that they can retain their knowledge effectively for examination application.

Primary English tuition

Know your grammar rules and expand your vocabulary power through our language learning series at our Primary English Tuition Programme.

Secondary English tuition

Learn how to write logical sentences or describe people and situations in a sensible and expressive manner through our secondary English Tuition.

JC GP Tuition

Enrich your content. Reflect on your reading. Apply in your writing. Answer with accuracy. Our gp tuition prepares you for grade A as we are exam-oriented, skill-based and practice-centred.

Enrichment - Creative Writing

Enjoy English Language learning in a fun, interesting and creative way. Imagine, express and write beyond the real world and set yourself in a world of awesomeness.

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