How to study General Paper through online tuition?

Access to content an unlimited number of times

Unlike physical classroom teaching where teachers only go through a certain lesson once, online tuition allows for access to content an unlimited number of times. Tutors of online tuition classes usually make use of the learning tools available to screen-record live video lessons and to upload video lessons. As these resources are stored in the platform for an indefinite period of time, students can access the content several times. This is useful for students who cannot follow the speed of lesson, allowing them to review and understand the content at a suitable pace. This is especially beneficial when revising for upcoming examinations.

Provision of timely and useful feedback

In a physical classroom setting, teachers might face difficulty in keeping track of their students progress and not provide effective feedback. With an online learning platform, the tutors are able to track every student’s progress. For example, when students finish an online exercise, the platform can generate and record their scores which is easy for the teachers to look back on. Certain platforms also provide reporting and analytic tools that allow teachers to pinpoint a students’ strengths and weaknesses. This allows for tutors to provide more personalised and accurate feedback. Tutors can also adjust their lessons to focus on the concepts that students have particular difficulties in understanding. Furthermore, students may also be able to assess their own strengths and weaknesses based on the platform diagnosis.

Access to many resources

Tutors will upload many resources for students to access in the online learning system such as specially compiled notes and practice questions. General Paper is a subject that takes a lot of time and practise to build. To do well for the exams, there is a need to refine students’ grasps of grammar and expand their existing vocabulary bank. Extra resources therefore play an important role in excelling in General Paper. For example, sample essays can help students to see how different writing styles are adopted across various situations. Uploading of articles can help students attain a better understanding of current events and issues, which can help broaden their scope of discussion in argumentative essays and being able to form coherent and well-rounded opinions. Furthermore, when practice questions are modelled after the examinations to aid in exam familiarisation, students are able to improve upon and refine their answering techniques. This way, students are able to apply what they have learnt and do well despite coming across unfamiliar questions.

Thus, these are the few ways that students can improve on their General Paper skills through online tuition. The holistic learning experience that online tuition provides for students will be beneficial in picking up important skills such as having a critical mind and efficient study techniques. The effects of the skills learnt will be most evident during the A level examinations when students are faced with tricky and rigorous questions.

By Simon Ng