Upper Secondary English Tuition

Intensifying language application skills.

Sign up for the Upper Secondary English Tuition to be prepared for the GCE N or O Level examinations. These classes are conducted by passionate educators who provide useful learning resources and engage students in meaningful discussions. Over time, students will become more confident and competent in answering various examination questions.

Class Schedule

When are the available classes?

Browse the schedule featured below to find out more about the Upper Secondary English Tuition. Our classes are conducted regularly to ensure that there is consistent progress as your child develops language proficiency.

N Level English Tuition

For Secondary 3-4 students preparing for
the GCE N Level examination.

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O Level English Tuition

For Secondary 3-5 students getting reading for
the GCE O Level examination.

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Class Activities

How do we enrich your child’s learning experience?

The Upper Secondary English Tuition programme puts much emphasis on three major components - the refinement of writing techniques for Situational, Comprehension and Comprehension questions. Notably, we have included the use of eLearning features to diversify learning methods so that students are more keen to explore the subject.

Refine techniques for Situational, Comprehension and Composition Writing

Over time, we have enhanced the English programme to meet the learning objectives. Our classes include in-depth review of specific question types to familiarise students with the essential format and process of writing.

Harness eLearning tools to study productively

Learning English extends beyond the conventional means of classroom teaching. Our programme includes the use of online videos, practices and virtual classroom discussion to engage tech-savvy learners meaningfully.

Discover the secrets of effective learning.

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