Secondary English Tuition Online

Improving language proficiency systematically.

Our Secondary English Tuition Online programme can be split into two major branches - Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary classes. Based on the level of study, our educators have formulated suitable class activities to pique the interests of students as they become more familiar with the syllabus.

Class Schedule

Classes for enrolment.

Look at the schedule below to learn more about the English Tuition classes for Lower and Upper Secondary students. Our online lessons are conducted regularly to nurture an inquisitive mindset as students learn more about different scenarios for language application.

Lower Secondary English Tuition

For Secondary 1-2 students.

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Upper Secondary English Tuition

For Secondary 3-5 students.

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Key Features of the Secondary English Tuition Online

Creating opportunities for language refinement.

In preparation for the GCE N and O Level English examinations, we have developed a well-structured learning pathway for Lower and Upper Secondary students. Explore important sections of the English paper, such as Comprehension, Composition and Situational Writing through online practices.

Learn to read and answer Comprehension questions

We educate students to read with the intention to reflect and empathise with the author for Comprehension passages. Short practices are provided to demonstrate how students can structure their points clearly.

Be familiar with the formats for Situational Writing

Given that the purpose of Situational Writing is to familiarise students with the varied scenarios for written forms of language expression, we highlight the distinctive formats of writing such as formal letter, speech and email.

Plan and organise Composition writing answers

For Secondary English, our Composition Writing workshops are instrumental in equipping students with the knowledge to write narrative, argumentative and expository essays.

Learning from engaging educators.

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