Classroom Teaching

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English Tuition Online features physical and virtual classroom teaching to create the best possible learning experience for students. In particular, our educators make sure that classroom teaching is conducted in an interactive way to make learning fun and purposeful.

Types of Classroom Programmes

Carefully developed to match your study preferences.

We have four different types of classroom teaching programmes to cater to students at the primary, secondary and pre-tertiary levels. These classes are conducted with the consideration of the latest syllabus. Students will receive additional learning resources to facilitate the study of English.

Upper Secondary English

In preparation for the GCE O Level English examination, our programme is oriented towards the cultivation of language skills in the written and spoken forms.

JC General Paper

For JC students, our General Paper Tuition features thematic discussion in the virtual classroom as well as writing practices for Comprehension and Essay Writing to be ready for the GCE A Level examination.

Class Activities

How will you learn in the classroom?

Students who enroll in the English Tuition will be involved in class discussions and timed practices to make learning productive. Our educators conduct these class activities via the use of online learning tools to interest students. Also, we have post-lesson consultation for students to review their progress.

Class discussion

Participate in class discussions with other students as well as the educator to comprehend how the English language is applied in various situations, such as letter writing and visits to places around your home.

Timed practices

Observe how the educator applies the language skills to different question types, like Composition Writing and Comprehension. Then, attempt class practices to refine your answering techniques in a guided format.

Post-lesson consultation

Learning never stops. After class, students can consult our educators to identify the areas of improvement and undertake the necessary steps to enhance the precision of writing.

Nurturing students one step at a time.

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