How to improve your English language proficiency through online tuition?

Real-time video discussion

Similar to the conventional classes, you can interact with the tutor through the real-time video discussions. These lessons are live-streamed to make sure that student-tutor engagement is present as you explore different topics. These lessons can also be recorded and you can review them again when revising for their exams.

Illustrative virtual whiteboard

Tutors can make illustrations on the virtual whiteboard to understand how certain concepts are explained during the class. This is helpful for visual learners who need to have visual references to learn the concepts better. Download these illustrations and store them in your private archive for reference.

Organised online material storage

Online learning systems feature a secure archive for you to keep your marked practices, notes and other references online. We ensure that you can organise your learning materials easily as you complete each lesson. When you revise for your exams, you can easily retrieve all your learning materials with the click of a button.

Practise more

Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that you possess the proficiency to perform desirably during the examinations. Our eLearning platform offers vast and diverse practice questions so that you are thoroughly prepared for these tests.

Receive frequent feedback for improvement

Receive tutor assessments to identify the errors and advice on how you can do better subsequently. The online system also has tools which provide a diagnostic report of your assignments, informing you of the areas which need to be improved on. These marked practices are stored in a secure and private digital archive for your future reference.

Follow the organised study plan

Students should follow the study plan organised by the online tuition. For example, each lesson comes with a variety of exercises and learning videos. Students should follow through and complete all exercises to ensure that they can fully grasp the concept before moving onto the next concept.

These features will definitely make lessons more engaging and encourage you to explore the subject inquisitively. They will help you reap the full benefits of an online learning system, aiding you in effectively tackling any learning issues and providing a smooth online learning experience.

By Simon Ng