Learn English Online

In view of the global pandemic outbreak in 2020, many students and parents have struggled to adjust their lives and ensure minimal disruption to studies. Notably, online learning has become an increasingly-accepted approach to substitute classroom teaching. Find out how our English tuition programmes will empower your child to study effectively.

Types of Online Learning Programmes

Matching the learning preferences of each student.

English Tuition Online features classes based on the differing levels of study. Given that each level has a specific set of learning requirements, our educators have derived a structured set of curriculum to ensure learning is done progressively.

Secondary English Tuition Online

Be prepared for the GCE N and O Level English examinations by signing up for these virtual classes that feature real-time discussions and ePractices.

GP Tuition Online

Develop a sensible mind to be ready for the GCE A Level General Paper examination in this GP Tuition programme.

Is online learning as effective as classroom teaching?

Understand the benefits of eLearning

It is understandable that some students and parents are hesitant in exploring this relatively unfamiliar terrain of eLearning. As such, we would like to explain why online learning is a viable means to grasp the English language productively.

Diversified approaches to learn

Break the monotony of studying English by getting your child involved in the use of eLearning tools, like online MCQs and illustrative videos. We also empower students to participate actively in online discussions.

Time-saving way to study regularly

Students and parents have provided us with valuable feedback that online learning is an ideal way because less time is spent on travelling. Instead, students can now devote more time on rest and revision.

Students have higher retention rates

While critics claim that eLearning is not feasible because of the abundance of distractions, research has proven that online classes have increased retention rates by up to 60%. With more engaging multimedia content, learning is fun!

Bring out the best in your child.

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