JC GP Tuition

Nurturing sensible learners.

At the pre-tertiary level, the study of General Paper is a rigorous process that requires students to be reflective, adaptive and expressive. Our GP Tuition programme features educational activities that develop the mindset and writing abilities of students in a progressive way.

Class Schedule

When are the available classes?

Explore the following schedule to learn more about the upcoming classes for JC1 and JC2 students. By attending these regular lessons, your child will develop the essential critical thinking and writing skills to ace the GCE A Level General Paper examination.

JC1 GP Tuition

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JC2 GP Tuition

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Class Activities

How do we prepare students for Grade A?

JC GP Tuition features a series of purpose-driven class activities to ensure that students develop reflective thinking skills and enhance writing techniques. Our JC GP Tutors also harness technology to broaden the scope of learning so that students can acquire the above-mentioned skills effectively.

Thematic discussion to develop reflective thinking skills

Explore various real-world issues by engaging in constructive debates. Our classes cover wide-ranging topics, such as the value of Social Media, international cooperation and sporting events.

Class practices to improve organised writing technique

It is our firm belief that having a well-structured answer is the first step to perform well for the GP examination. Therefore, our classes focus on the development of clear writing structures and coherent answer explanation.

Paving the way for academic progress.

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